We are very happy to allow Worship Audio Tracks to be used for the purposes of streaming services for your congregation online. Please click here for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which devices can I play these songs on?

These songs will play on any device supporting standard MP3 playback. This includes Windows and MacOS computers, Apple iOS, Android and other mobile devices.

Should I buy Worship Audio Tracks from this site or from another digital music store?

You can of course choose to purchase Worship Audio Tracks from one of the big digital stores but there are some additional advantages when buying them directly from us: 1 - Some songs are only available on this store (for example if they are not part of an album) 2 - New songs are released more quickly 3 - We can issue occasional free song updates if we make any improvements 4 - We are able to offer direct support in the event of any problems arising

Can I play these tracks in my church or small group?

Absolutely, these tracks are intended for use in congregational settings. Please note (as with all worship music) that your church should have a CCLI licence if you project lyrics on a large screen. For more information, please visit www.ccli.com

If I lose my songs can you send me copies?

We recommend that you always back up any purchases you make. If you lose your device and don't have your songs backed up anywhere, please contact us via the form below and we will do our best to help.

Do these songs include a lyric display?

No, these versions contain only the audio. If you would prefer to purchase the same songs but in video format with the lyrics included, please take a look at our sister site www.worshiplyricvideos.com

I want to use these songs for music practice, do you have compatible chord charts available for purchase?

We are working on these and hope to have them available soon.

Please note: Worship Audio Tracks are reissues of the iSingWorship series previously only available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other digital music stores. These versions have been updated in many cases with remixed and/or remastered songs. Although these tracks are produced by the award winning iSingWorship team, they are not compatible with the iSingWorship app. (However, they can still be played on any iSingWorship compatible device using standard music/media playing software).

Legal Notes:

It is illegal to distribute these songs or to transfer them over to a device owned by anyone other than the original purchaser.

The music included is produced by Movation Productions and is licensed for use in church settings. Please be aware (as is the case with any worship music) that you need a CCLI license if you intend to display copyrighted lyrics in a public setting. For more information about CCLI, please visit www.ccli.com

Please back up any songs you have purchased. Worship Audio Tracks cannot be liable for a device failure or any other cause of the loss of your download(s) after purchase.

If you would like to use any Worship Audio Tracks recording (including instrumental versions) in a wider context such as a film, a TV broadcast or your own worship album, please contact us to arrange the relevant license(s).